Thursday, 3 July 2008

Mouldy canvas

This is a picture of one of the side panels, which I took off so that I can repair it. There is some mould on it but the canvas appears to be sound. I will brush the mould off but am aware that it will need cleaning with something to stop further damage, once I have found out what to clean it with.

Dodgy gas locker

This is the highly dubious front gas locker, from the brochure it seems that they did have gas lockers, so the one from this tardis must have been damaged and replaced with a wooden one, There is no way a gas bottle would be safe in here!
The hunt is on to find a replacement fibreglasss or plastic one, if I can't find one I will have to hone my carpentry skills and build another wooden one.

More electrics

More pictures of the electrics, What I would like to do is add a unit so that I can run the 12volt lights etc when it is attached to the mains. Any ideas anyone?

I have a portable battery charger, but my previous folding camper (conway cruiser) had an on-board charger. I'm not sure whether I actually need one.

Interesting electrics

These are the electris for the Tardis, I have yet to find out what goes where, and I think they need looking at properly.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Water inlet

This is the water pump inlet -I do not know what type of pump it it supposed to take. It is made by Comet. My whale pump definitely does not fit!

New Folding Camper

I have purchased a new folding camper. I won it in an E-bay auction and this is the story of it's refurbishment. These are a few pictures from the auction site.

As you can see it needs quite a bit f work doing to it including;

  • repairs and reproofing to 3 of the canvas panels
  • the electrics sorting out
  • new rear corner steadies
  • new tow hitch
  • new breakaway cable
  • new curtains
  • floor strengthening
  • re-sealing underneath
  • service of fridge
  • replace rear light clusters
  • replace internal lights
  • mend wardrobe

plus what ever else it might throw up!!!